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The Best Window Installation and replacement In Madison, TN

Make your home safer and more energy efficient with a complete window installation service in Madison, TN.

Window Installation Contractor Tennessee

If you’re based in Madison, TN, and in search of top-notch window installation services, you’re exactly where you need to be. We specialize in delivering high-quality, efficient, and durable window installations that enhance safety and energy efficiency in your home.

Our team of experienced professionals is ready to transform your living space with windows that not only look great, but also play a significant role in creating a comfortable and sustainable environment. Rest assured, you’re in the right hands for all your window installation needs in Madison, TN.

owner of windows for life in tennessee
Nathen Kemper – Owner of Windows For Life
Hi, I’m Nathen, the owner of Windows For Life. With over 13 years of experience in the industry and a track record of installing more than 20,000 doors and windows, my goal is to provide an unparalleled installation and repair service that sets new standards across Tennessee. I’ve partnered with the best manufacturers in the game, so you always get quality windows and doors installed throughout your home.

One Complete, Stress-Free, Zero-Effort Service

At Windows For Life, our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, our years of industry-leading experience, and our solid partnership with top manufacturers make us the best choice for window installation in Madison, TN.
Beautiful luxury American colonial traditional estate with vinyl windows

We offer a comprehensive service boosted by:

Stay Inspired By Our Past Projects

We have extensive experience with window installation, as we’ve worked on over 2,500 window projects. Expect top-quality results from a pro that puts your needs and wants first.


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Ready to take the leap and transform your home? We’re eager to hear from you! Give us a call at (615) 861-2315 or simply send us a quick message. Our team is always on hand to answer your queries and get your project started. Let’s create a safer, more energy-efficient space together!

We've Upgraded Many TN Homes With Quality New Windows

There’s no better way to understand the caliber of our service than through the words of our satisfied customers. We take immense pride in every window we install and the positive impact it makes on our clients’ lives. Here are just a few of the numerous testimonials that reflect the trust and confidence that our clients place in us.


Susan Morse


Nathan represented his company and Andersen Windows in a very professional courteous and friendly manner. His work on my installation project was awesome.

I love my new windows and doors. Nathan treated me with respect and also respected my property. I have been cheated before but this time I feel like I got my money’s worth.

Punctuality is important but so is how an installer leaves the site for the night. Anything that was started on a particular day was sealed before he left. When my project was completed he showed me how to operate my windows and doors.

He addressed questions and concerns all during my project. Not everyone in his business calls back to see how things are going. Nathan did….Thank you Nathan for making this project a positive experience.


Ron Foster


We were having new windows by Anderson installed in our log home. The first crew that came out really weren’t qualified so the agent we were dealing with came to look at the mess that 1st crew had created so the agent told me he had a guy that might be able to clean this up and make them look like they belong and actually look good. That’s when we met Nathan.

Nathan analyzed the situation and made his game plan and he pretty much turned a mess into a beautiful set of windows. We had 2 windows upstairs which required starting from scratch and putting new wood back and 3 large windows on the 2nd floor. He saved us on that project and my wife and I were extremely happy with the finished product.

We would highly recommend Nathan for any kind of window installation and especially for trouble shooting. He does great work and makes in natural looking. Yours truly, Ronnie and Royce Foster.

Average Windows Installation Cost In Madison, TN

We provide a comprehensive spectrum of window installation services, tailored to the specifications and dimensions of the windows.

The labor expenses for fixed windows exhibit a range of $100 to $300, whereas operational windows, encompassing double-hung, casement, and awning windows, entail a labor cost ranging from $150 to $350.

For more intricate installations, such as bay, bow, and garden windows, the cost starts at $500. It is important to note that while variables can influence pricing, our primary objective is to facilitate the acquisition of new windows, inclusive of installation, averaging around $1,200 per window.

Window Installation Project Tennessee

Window Installation Project In Hendersonville

This project was quoted at $18,410. The most expensive item was the picture window above the entry door.

There are two main factors that will impact your window installation cost, namely, the window material and its type.

Window Pricing

Window Type Description Installation Cost
Fixed Windows Non-operational windows. $100 - $300
Double-Hung Windows Operational windows with both top and bottom sashes movable. $150 - $350
Casement Windows Hinged at the side, swing out like a door. $150 - $350
Awning Windows Hinged at the top, open outward. $150 - $350
Bay Windows Expansive windows projecting outward, creating a bay. $500 - $1,500
Bow Windows Similar to bay windows, more panes, and a rounded appearance. $500 - $1,500
Garden Windows Protrude out from the wall, perfect for small plants. $500 or more
Material Cost Range Average Cost
Aluminum $75 - $800+ $100 - $400
Vinyl $100 - $900+ $200 - $500
Wood $150 - $1,800+ $300 - $600
Composite $300 - $1,800+ $300 - $800
Fiberglass $300 - $1,500+ $800 - $1,200

Understanding Window Replacement Costs in Madison, TN

In Madison, TN, the cost of window replacement varies considerably depending on the type of window you choose. Below, we have outlined some common window types and their typical replacement costs:

Known for their classic style and versatility, double-hung windows typically cost around $850 to replace. They are a popular choice due to their easy maintenance and great ventilation.

Offering unobstructed views and excellent ventilation, casement windows usually cost about $900 for replacement. These windows are a favorite for their energy efficiency and ease of operation.

Sliding windows, known for their simple design and space efficiency, generally cost around $800 to replace. They are a great choice for their maximum glass area and contemporary feel.

These windows create a stunning focal point in any room and typically cost around $2,500 for replacement. While they are an investment, their aesthetic appeal and added interior space make them a desirable choice.

Note: The prices stated above are subject to change due to a variety of factors including variations in material costs, labor rates, and market conditions. We advise you to contact us directly for the most up-to-date and precise pricing information.

At Windows For Life, we understand the importance of budgeting for your home improvement projects. That’s why we maintain a policy of transparency when it comes to our pricing. Once we get the details of your specific project, we provide a clear, detailed estimate that helps you understand exactly where your money is going.

Addressing Concerns Right From The Start

At Windows For Life, we recognize that budget and time are two major concerns for homeowners embarking on home improvement projects.
Investing in new windows is a long-lasting investment that can significantly enhance your home’s value and comfort. The benefits of new windows extend beyond mere aesthetics. They contribute to a more energy-efficient home, providing insulation and thus reducing your heating and cooling costs.
Time is an asset we deeply respect at Windows For Life. We understand that our clients lead busy lives and value their time. Therefore, we adhere strictly to the schedules set at the beginning of each project. Our team is well-trained and experienced to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your home transformation is completed on time.

A 3-Step Process That Never Fails To Deliver

Our window installation process at Windows For Life is designed to be as straightforward and stress-free as possible. We follow a 3-step process that ensures quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction:



We conduct a comprehensive consultation to understand your specific needs and preferences.
men installing a door close up to handle



Upon finalizing the details, our expert team promptly begins the installation process.
door being installed and ready



Once the installation is complete, you can enjoy the comfort and beauty of your newly transformed space!

FAQs About Window Installation In Madison, TN

Yes, it can be more cost-effective to replace all windows at once. This is primarily due to the fact that many window installation professionals offer discounted rates for larger projects.
Additionally, replacing all your windows at once ensures uniformity in design and materials, which can enhance the overall aesthetic value of your property.

However, the decision should be based on your personal needs and financial considerations. If your budget is tight, then replacing a few windows at a time may be a more practical solution.

Yes, replacing 30-year-old windows is generally a good idea. Windows of this age are likely to be less energy-efficient and may have wear and tear that makes them prone to leaks or drafts.

Plus, the overall aesthetic of your home can be significantly improved with modern windows. Newer window models also offer better security features, adding an extra layer of protection for your home.

If your old windows are still in good condition, you might consider enhancing them with weather stripping or storm windows to improve their functionality.

The choice of which windows to replace first depends on several factors. If certain windows in your home are visibly damaged or causing comfort issues, like drafts, those should be prioritized.

You might also consider starting with windows that face the street for maximum aesthetic impact, or those in rooms where you spend the most time to boost comfort and energy efficiency. Always consider your budget and personal needs when deciding the order of window replacement.

Get New Windows For An Energy Efficient Home

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re looking for top-tier window installation services in Madison, TN. At Windows For Life, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with state-of-the-art windows that enhance energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

To learn more about our services and to set up a consultation, contact us today at (615) 861-2315. We look forward to helping you transform your home with beautiful, high-quality windows.

(takes 1-2 min)


Jonathan Tingle


Nathan came out to replace all the windows on our house. Did a great job installing the new windows. Left our place as clean as he found it. He worked diligently all day and got all the windows finished.

Debra Garner


Replaced old windows with new double pane tinted windows. Great job, very conscientious. On time, finished the job as requested. I love my windows!! Highly recommend.

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