The Best Door Installation Cost In Goodlettsville, TN

Looking to find out the door installation cost in Goodlettsville, TN? We’ve got you covered with a quick breakdown and a fair and honest price if you want to start your project today!

At Windows For Life, our approach is simple and straightforward, ensuring that homeowners who work with us are always completely satisfied. We are committed to your success, and our door installation service can achieve that!

The price to install a new door usually depends on the style of door you want to have. On average, a high-quality door installation cost in Goodlettsville, TN, is between $4k and $5k.

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A Door Installation Cost That's Completely Worth It

We know the value of our service, so we’re not afraid to name our price upfront. It’s the right thing to do, especially if you’ve got no time to waste on shady contractors. We take any door installation project a step further and offer you something that no other contractor in the area offers!

Door Installation Costs In Goodlettsville, TN

New, energy-efficient doors can increase your home’s comfort and value in multiple ways. We focus on a precise fit that insures the insulation is maintained, therefore resulting in lower energy bills while still keeping your home warm. If you’re talking about investment, this upgrade will save you thousands of dollars down the line!

Here is an overview of what you can expect this service to run:

Door Types and Prices

Door Types and Prices

Door Type Per Door Installed
Interior Doors $150 - $350
Front Doors $250 - $450
Garage Doors $800 - $2000

For us to accurately determine the door installation cost in Goodlettsville, we need to consider several factors, including the size, type, and any additional features. Because of that, you’re better off requesting a free quote and getting a more accurate estimate from the get-go.

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Goodlettsville Homeowners Love Their New Doors!


Jesse Cassidy


Nathan came out and was always here when he said he would be here. He gave his all and did great work. We are proud to have people come to the house again since the windows and the door look amazing. 

He did everything he could to make sure we were happy with everything that was done.i would highly recommend windows for Life to anyone that is needing windows or a door installed.

The Fore Family


Before they came over, we had drafty, rotten windows that leaked! Nathen and his team installed new windows and did extensive millwork to fix all the window problems. 

Nathen was detailed in his work, and beyond that, he was careful to clean up all glass. I have already recommended him to a neighbor.

Upgrades And Types Of Doors For Your Home

If you’re searching for a way to give your home an elevated look, our door installation services should be your first choice. Our team of experts will assist you in finding doors that reflect the style and personality of your house.

Inspiration For Your Door Installation In Goodlettsville, TN

Here’s what your new doors in Goodlettsville, TN, can look like.

Door Installation In Goodlettsville, TN In 3 Simple Steps

We’re dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with every aspect of the door installation process. We will keep you informed throughout the job so you’ll be in the loop at all times, calling the best shots for your home.



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The average time for installing a new door is about half a day to get your new door ready for you to use.
The price to install a new door usually depends on the style of door you want to have. We’re providing an upper-scale quality door, but our labor costs work in your favor. Usually, we charge between $4k to $5k for a new door installation.
It’s time you replace your door at the first sign of trouble. This usually means you have trouble closing it or opening it, or if you see daylight coming through since that means you have drafts coming in. Any signs of rot or moisture shouldn’t be overlooked either.
Yes. We offer a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and a 5-year labor warranty.
Your door replacement project will include the removal of rotten wood and replacing any damaged wood that is touching the door frame. We’ll also install a new interior trim, new installation in the walls, new exterior trim on the outside of the door and we get it paint-ready for you. Anything that is related to the structural aspects of the installation will cost extra.

Make A Long-Lasting Investment With Your New Doors

Getting a new door is an investment that’ll safeguard your home for many years. A new door will also retain warmth during colder seasons and prevent intruders from entering. This project has long-term benefits that you just can’t get otherwise.

With Windows For Life, you’re getting one of the best door installation services available in Goodlettsville, TN.

You’ll enjoy highly-skilled technicians who are dedicated to guaranteeing a smooth and straightforward process from start to finish, so you can fully enjoy this upgrade.

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