5 Best Types of Windows for Bathrooms

Modern bathroom with black and white finishes and black double hung bathroom windows

If you’re thinking about replacing your bathroom windows, you should know these are more peculiar spaces that require more attention and different windows than the rest of your home.

As you can’t have a window with a wood frame in your bath because of all the humidity and water damage that can appear, we’ll focus on aluminum windows. These are more durable and more resistant, making them work great for your new bathroom windows.

Let’s begin.

The Style Of Your Bathroom Windows

It’s easy to get carried away with different styles of windows. Maybe you have a particular design in mind, a huge window to let the light pass, or a more difficult place to install your new windows.

We’re not saying these things will be impossible, but it’s important to understand that the more complex your window installation is, the most it’ll cost.

Besides, you don’t want your window to be the focal point in your bathroom. You want it to be a subtle feature that lightens up the space and creates a comfortable atmosphere in your bath, while letting your vanity or countertop be the main attraction of the space.

Depending on the style of your bath, your bathroom windows will need clean lines, elegant (but at the same time subtle) textures, and a color that goes well with your bath. Put simpler, what you should be looking for is to get windows that blend with the design and contributes to the ambience.

According to the National Kitchen And Bath Association (NKBA), in 2024 we’ll see a lot of large bathroom windows that help bring the nature in. Either transparent or frosted, bathroom windows are becoming more and more versatile.

Types Of Bathroom Windows

Small bathroom with sliding window

Sliding windows are a common choice for bathrooms because they provide lots of movement and options in confined spaces.

Moving the sections horizontally allows air to flow freely without impeding internal and external space, while also utilizing the smallest possible opening.

Vertical window in modern bathroom

Vertical windows are perfect for enhancing small spaces. They provide excellent ventilation while still being simple and elegant in design. 

You may have one or two moving sashes (window segments) to best fit your living situation. For instance, a double hung window with only a top moving sash allows you to keep small children out of reach without imposing on the view.

Simple awning window for bathroom

Awning windows are similar to hopper windows. They are hinged at the top and can be opened or closed remotely, and are great for bathrooms because they allow for easy ventilation control.

They can make the most of limited spaces by extending outwardly, and are traditional and elegant in appearance.

Bi-fold windows for bathroom

Bathroom bi-fold windows are a potential choice, however they should be avoided in places where seclusion isn’t as important.

However, if you have a bathroom with an unrestricted view and total seclusion for example, this option might make the most of your wide view.

Grid windows for bathroom

Colonial style are a variation of awning windows. They bring a plus of style thanks to the grid lines that divide the space into multiple squares. 

They look best without any addition, but they can also be fitted with drapes, privacy shutters, or even made from matte glass.

Placement Of The Windows

Large windows with shutters in newly renovated bathroom

If you’re building the bathroom from ground up, placing your window opening will be fairly easy. Your professional window installer or contractor will help you establish the best place to install the window.

You’ll need to get the best view, but at the same time, you have to ensure you’re also maintaining privacy. The bathroom light is another factor worth considering when installing a new window. After all, you want your window to be offering natural light in your bath, and that’s the goal of your windows.

Note: To increase privacy, textured glass is just what you need. This looks like the pattern of frosted glass, except it’s just the way the glass is made to allow light but stop unwelcomed eyes to peek in.


Modern bathroom with new windows

Undoubtedly, you want your bathroom windows to be fully functional and to insulate this important room to perfection. This all depends on the window installer that you want to hire, and as long as he’s a professional, your bathroom windows will probably be 100% functional.

Efficiency is another thing worth considering, as you don’t want to lose heat from your bathroom, or rather, you don’t want it to get too cold before you’re out of the shower. One quick fix for this is to get small bathroom windows, but small windows won’t allow too much light in.

But if you were thinking about getting a window on the entire wall, size shouldn’t ruin your dream or compromise the window efficiency. As long as your window is installed properly and has the right window treatments, you shouldn’t have any problems with functionality.


Windows are essential for any space. However, what matters more is how it’s installed, and by whom.

Even if you get the best windows on the market, if your installer doesn’t pay attention to all the details, the installation is compromised and you can never expect your bathroom windows to be fully functional.

Which is why getting the right window installer is of utmost importance for your project.

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